Jewelry by Angela de Nozza & F.lli Piccini

Hot-day-2014-spilla-pendente-oro-rosa-rubino-onice-corallo-e-opale-rosa1A disciple of a Florentine painter, Pirzio, Angela de Nozza has designed and announced a new collection of contemporary jewelry inspired by metaphysical painting, the Florence countryside, constellations, and animals. This line can be found at Fratelli Piccini  on Ponte Vecchio and includes pins, bracelets, earrings, and textiles.

In Pitti Palace, there are five museums and one — the Silver Museum — contains jewelry donated by Armando Piccini. Following in the footsteps of a Florentine known for creating contemporary jewelry, Angela de Nozza has released a line of her own in collaboration with Fratelli Piccini on Ponte Vecchio. Art historian Ornella Casazza remembered that Armando won first prize at Venice Biennale therefore this line is inspired by that art show. The Fratelli Piccini jewelry store opened in 1903 above the Vasai corridor that connects Ponte Vecchio with the Uffizi gallery. It is important to note that the store is not merely a store but rather a place for creativity and tradition.

Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy is where Nozza developed the skills necessary for her work. In this private studio, Nozza’s artistic progress was closely monitored.

De Nozza designed the jewelry while the staff of Fratelli Piccini created the jewelry upstairs. Her jewelry is modern but she adds her own touch with a variety of elements. Nozza incorporates geometric shapes, freeform, bright colors (blue, pink, green, red, white-no shades of color), gems (sapphire), gold, silver, and semi-precious stones (lapis lazuli, onyx, coral, amber) in her jewelry for aesthetic appeal. She deems the reflection of light crucial to the quality of her jewelry.

Another source of inspiration is a style of art called metaphysical painting. The purpose of the painting is for viewers to ponder questions such as “What does this piece mean?” and “What does this mean?”. Dreamlike techniques of contrasting light with shadow are practiced in metaphysical painting. Mystery is a major concept for this style as the painter does not wish for the meaning behind his work to be revealed immediately. One can definitely notice this influence in Nozza’s jewelry.

She adores and lives in harmony with nature. Her home is located in the Florence countryside and also sparks the ideas behind her jewelry. Nozza owns a pitbull named Elia who she designed her jewelry after as well.

Her pieces have intriguing names such as “Dreams,” “Circle,” “To Sing,”,and “Sunday.” She designed this one pair of earrings after the constellations. Her ideas are featured in textiles as glimpsed in oil paintings.