A Pink Wave on the Arno

With the beginning of every month of October comes a wave of pink down the Arno. In honor of the International Breast Cancer Prevention month, the non-profit Florence in Pink organized boats of rowers dressed in pink coming from the Ponte Vecchio to Palazzo Corsini.

To see a photo gallery for the event on the river, see Florence’s La Repubblica news site.

To celebrate the occasion, shops and stands displayed pink ribbons. Florence in Pink will continue to host events throughout the month in order to raise awareness among women to have periodic breast exams.

Breast cancer prevention awareness will not stop with the month of October. Florence has been chosen to host the International Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festival in July 2018. The quadrennial race is a noncompetitive participatory event.

Breast Cancer survivor teams from across the world come together to promote healthy post-operative rehabilitation lifestyle. This will be the first time the event will be held in Europe.

Florence in Pink is organizing the festival of an expected 4000 or more participants. The association is looking for translation ambassadors and volunteers. For more information on how to sign up, visit the event’s site. (deanna carbone)