Inspector Charged for Illegal Activities

An inspector for the Juvenile Court in Florence is being investigated for possible ties to the N’drangeta mafia and the Piromalli crime family.

There have been seven arrests of those who are tied to the waste disposal business of a Calabrian crime family. One of those arrests happens to be that of Giuseppe Pisano, a Pian del Mugnone resident, Calabrian businessman and the inspector’s husband.

Pisano is considered a key member of the crime family. He has been accused of mafia related offenses such as extortion and false pretense.

His wife has served the city of Florence since 2014. She has been charged with the disclosure of confidential department information and access to law enforcement databases to investigate her husband’s charges.

The investigation has uncovered the involvement of the Piromalli family in a consolidated system extortion of a waste disposal facility in Gioia Tauro. The facility happens to be the only waste plant in Calabria.

The Anti-Mafia District Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Reggio Calabria seized and froze the shares of the company involved in water filtration and transport and incineration of waste. (deanna carbone)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.