‘Amici della Musica’: The Arrival of a New Season

Europa Galante

The Amici della Musica Firenze launch their 2017-2018 concert season this Saturday, October 14 (4 pm) at the Teatro della Pergola, with a repertoire of great classical pieces for the inaugural event.

Throughout the concert season, special attention will be bestowed on chamber music in series of cycles entitled “The World of the Quartet,” “Solopiano,” and “The Art of Singing” and the “Bach Odyssey.” To add a more modern element, the stage will welcome youthful musicians whose ingenious talent will contribute to the future of classical music.

At the opening, the Europa Galante ensemble under the direction of Fabio Biondi will play the Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach as part of the “Bach Odyssey.”  Known as one of the best orchestral compositions of the Baroque era, this collection of six musical works features a daring combination of the period instruments from the 16th century.

The “Bach Odyssey” continues in the Saloncino of the Pergola theater on October 15 (9 pm) with Antonio Meneses interpreting selected pieces by the composer through the elegant sounds of the cello. Following the musical notations of the late, great orchestra conductor Herbert von Karajan, the evening promises to offer a night of fluid music with a backdrop complementing the unique aspects of the classical works.

Paul Lewis opens the cycle of “Solopiano,” with a piano performance of works by Haydn, Beethoven, and Brahms on October 21 (4 pm). The solo piano performer is known for his virtuoso concerts and his interpretation of Beethoven’s Bagatelles, Op. 126 will be a key feature of the afternoon. Lewis is known for performing with sensitivity, so his executions of these pieces will be an experience that fully invokes their hidden beauty.

Percussionist Simone Rubino returns to the Amici della Musica after receiving accolades from the Florence audience last June, and is set to appear on October 22 (9 pm) with a program continuing the “Bach Odyssey” in addition to compositions by Carlo Boccadoro, Casey Cangelosi, and Iannis Xenakis. The contrast of Bach’s Baroque music against the tone of more recent pieces will create a performance that unites the best aspects of each as one.

Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt is bringing an installment of her “Bach Odyssey” cycle to Florence’s Teatro Niccolini on October 28, (4 pm), Her ambitious project aims to take the audience on a long and wondrous musical journey in 12 recitals over four years through Bach’s entire keyboard works. This voyage through the brilliant mind of the composer will demonstrate his supreme musical depth and ability to convey emotion through composition.

The “World of Quartet” cycle begins with the Novus String Quartet from South Korea on October 29 (9 pm) featuring special guest, Romanian cellist Andrei Ionita. Selected great works from Bach, Mozart, and Schubert are included in the itinerary, and the Teatro della Pergola provides an ideal location for the audience to become fully surrounded by the splendor of these famous pieces.

For a complete program and information on tickets, please see www.amicimusicafirenze.it. With the fall season making its way to Florence, musical concerts are the best way to learn and experience culture no matter the weather. (shannon duggan)