‘Book’ Barriers Against Terrorism

In light of recent terrorist attacks that use motor vehicles as weapons, cities across the world have been taking measures to ensure safety for pedestrians. The City of Florence, like many others, has placed cement safety barriers around the city to protect pedestrian only squares, streets, and densely populated tourist areas.

These barriers must be strong, and are usually made of cement, but they are not exceptionally beautiful decor. Some have planters atop them in efforts to make the barriers more appealing, but they stick out as eye sores in the Renaissance neighborhoods of Florence.

Giunti Editore has attempted to solve this dilemma while also making a statement that only culture can stop terrorism. They have donated a few book-shaped barriers designed by the artists Lorenzo and Simona Perrone to the City of Florence. The barricades are also made of cement, but are in a cubic shape and appears as though they are made up of volumes of books.

The message behind this design, according to Giunti, is “Only culture can stop terrorism.” This publishing house strives to spread stories of authors from all backgrounds to teach tolerance and provide perspective into the rich complexities of culture. Since books are the media that the company uses to achieve their goal, it makes perfect sense that they constructed the barricades in the shape of books.

The City of Florence has not yet determined where they will place these generous gifts, but the city is thankful for their donation. (anna rosin)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.