Chaos Outside Santa Maria Novella Station

The roundabout outside the Santa Maria Novella Station closed and reopened in the afternoon, after it was shut down at dawn to allow construction to advance on one of Florence’s future tram lines. Meant to be closed until January, (a final decision expected on Wednesday) the roundabout was temporarily reopened because chaos erupted at the train station.

After loads of complaints, the roundabout became accessible to the public thanks to major traffic jams that affected all areas of metropolitan Florence.

Long lines, major delays, and bus drivers not letting passengers on the bus (because it would be faster to walk) were some of the happenings that occurred during morning commute hours.

At that time, commuters could no longer access Largo Alinari from via Nazionale to reach Santa Maria Novella. They were forced to turn on via Fiume to Piazza Adua, joining cars en route to the station from Piazza Indipendenza without Ztl permits. Buses transporting people to the Alamanni side will now be picking up passengers in front of the car parks. People using certain avenues are now expected to utilize Via Valfonda.

City councilman Stefano Giorgetti appealed to the public and tried to offer other solutions to assist people traveling to the station. Officials are collaborating together to find an answer to the traffic at the critical point of Piazza Adua. A highly commuted section of the city, via Fiume is a major and congested road to the station.

The area between viale Belfiore and viale Redi will also be changing its traffic flow. To help make transportation easier, work is being carried out on the central part of viale Belfiore to create a tunnel connection next to Palazzo Mazzoni. Two divisions will be made in the underpass; one towards Porta al Prato and the other heading towards viale Redi. (karen gee & shannon duggan)