Colorful Bricks of Florence: the Lego Festival

Teatro Obihall (Lungarno Aldo Moro/via Fabrizio de’ Andrè) will be drenched in the colors of the rainbow with the arrival of the first Bricks in Florence Festival, a two-day exhibition for enthusiasts of the famous Lego constructions on November 11 – 12 (10 am – 7 pm).

Fans from all over Italy will congregate in the hall for creative activities, competitions, and to enjoy freely building with other admirers of the famous bricks. Whether an aficionado or interested participant, the event contains elements for everyone to experience.

Experts of innovation will be showcasing their Lego creations, and publicly speaking about their crafting techniques. Many of the pieces, some being exhibited for the first time, demonstrate the intricacy of the constructing process. Artists behind the works will reveal secret details of their pieces and give advice to passionate builders.

The festival is a great opportunity for people to discover the rich creativity and innovation that is needed to create with Legos. Fantastical buildings designed by Dario Tiezzi, scale models of selected scenes by Andrea Battaglia, the ancient city of Rome constructed by Antonio Cerretti, and the newly displayed Florence Cathedral by Giacinto Consiglio are some highlights of the guests and their works.

Obihall will be divided into different themed areas to help the audience’s immersion into the world of Lego. Sections dedicated to the celebrating the works of a variety of builders, technical aspects of Lego, the robotics of Lego Mindstorms, Games & Lego Minecraft, and a photographical exhibition titled FoToGrAfIa CoStRuTtIvA are all open for discovery.

Visitors can work on the construction of a large, 12-square-foot mosaic composed of over 50,000 Lego bricks. Assisting in the assembly and demonstration of Lego robotics are professors from Terza Cultura. They will inform and deepen the understanding of the history behind the brand.

A huge play area containing pounds of Lego bricks gives people the chance to express their imagination. With a space to create and bring fantasies to physicality, participants will enjoy being able to work with the vivid blocks.

Lego collectors can continue adding to their collections through stores erected in the theater that are selling classical sets, rare or sold-out favorites, mini-figures, and other specialized items.

There will be a series of demonstrative meetings that will show the use of educational robots in schools, and how the introduction of these academic helpers benefits teaching through the use of Lego programs. Nao, an advanced humanoid robot, will collaborate with the students of the Peano Institute in Florence to conduct lessons.

The Bricks in Florence Festival is organized by ToscanaBricks, a group dedicated to uniting devotees of all different interests. Tickets to the festival will be low-cost and friendly to families. Children under the age of six can enter for free, while youths under 14 can purchase a ticket for €5. Adult tickets are €7, and prices for families are as follows: €15 (one adult and two children), €17 (two adults and one child) and €20 (two adults and two children). (shannon duggan)