Remembering the 1966 Florence Flood

The 51st anniversary of the Florence Flood will be marked by the Biblioteca Nazionale (National Library) on November 4, 2017, with an updated version of ‘Arno 66 – The Time Machine’ that honors the memory of the past, while projecting the future. ‘Arno 66,’ which was curated by Lorenzo Garzella and Filippo Macelloni, allows people to virtually relive moments of the flood, through photographs and movies showing scenes of the disaster and displaying [...]

Festivities for ‘Room with a View,’ Ivory’s Great Work

The beginning of a new week brings the anniversary celebrations of “A Room with a View” to a close, ending the festivities on a tone of prodigious respect and admiration for the 1985 screen adaptation of E. M. Forster’s novel.  A special teatime at the British Institute of Florence’s library closed out the festive ceremonies, but the deep appreciation for the movie continues. As lead actress Helena Bonham Carter details in this video interview, [...]

The 2017 ‘Corri La Vita’ Roundup

The 15th edition of Corri La Vita race, which took place on Sunday, September 24, was another success, despite the bad weather. More than 30,000 people participated, from all over Tuscany as well as Italy, raising around €500.000 to be used in the fight against breast cancer. The winner amongst the women runners was Tiziana Gianotti and among the male runners, Massimo Mei. Tiziani achieved a time of 0:40:27 and Massimo arrived at [...]

A Night with the Brownings at Casa Guidi

The Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning will be honored on September 15, 2017 at the Casa Guidi (Piazza San Felice, 6 pm) through a special reading of the first full publication of the Italian translation of her poem, “Casa Guidi Windows,” and at the ‘English Cemetery’ (Piazzale Donatello, 8:30 pm) in Florence with selected activities. These events will honor the English writer, her remarkable efforts to help support Italian unification, as well as [...]

Outdoors Concert by the Orchestra della Toscana

Wednesday, July 19: ORCHESTRA DELLA TOSCANA. Piazza Santissima Annunziata. 9:15 pm. Regular admission: €20. Two beloved 19th century works will be performed in a Renaissance square in downtown Florence: Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” and Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana.” Both compositions are extremely popular among the general public. Inspired by the 19th century Spanish dance of the same name, “Bolero” originated as ballet music, while “Carmina Burana” is based on 24 medieval poems. The pieces will [...]

‘Liberty, Equality, & Fraternity’ in Pzz. Ognissanti

July 14:  BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATIONS.  Piazza Ognissanti. 8:30 pm- 12 midnight.  Free admission. Every July 14, the French commemorate the birth of their nation with a holiday known as “Bastille Day.”  Since 2014, the French Institute has brought Bastille Day celebrations to Florence by hosting a free night of music and dance in the Piazza Ognissanti. The evening’s performances will be preceded by free artistic workshops conducted by French artists-in-residence at the Villa [...]

Three Days of ‘Firenze Rocks’ at the Cascine

Rock, pop, and metal music come blasting into Florence this summer with over a month of head-banging worthy good concerts. From June to July at the Visarno Arena and Hippodrome in the Park Cascine (just a little over a mile from the center of town) three different music festivals – Firenze Rocks, Firenze Summer Festival, and Decibel Open Air – will leave the town humming with acts like Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, and The [...]

New Trends for Kids at ‘Pitti Bimbo’ 85

The time when kids were dressed like dolls has evolved into an era where adults and the younger set wear matching outfits. It is a phenomenon that is gaining attention online and is comprehensively explored by Pitti Immagine Bimbo, an international fair dedicated to the new trends and the innovative brands in kids’ lifestyles at the Fortezza da Basso and other venues. This important fashion event for pre-adults offers a packed calendar of [...]

Four Days of Literary Festivities: Festival degli Scrittori

The first and only literary festival of Florence, the Festival degli Scrittori, will sweep through the city between June 14 and 17. The cornerstone event is the Gregor von Rezzori – City of Florence Prize, awarding the best work of foreign fiction published in Italy within the last year. Also included is a prize in honor of the best translator, and the Gregor von Rezzori Young Readers Award, a prize decided through the [...]

The Travel Festival’s Barefoot Walk

This year’s Festival del Viaggio (Travel Festival), running June 9 – 13, invites travel enthusiasts alike to take advantage of the art exhibitions, literary presentations, and theatrical experiences planned. The festival, in its 10th edition, offers educational and engaging ways to discuss the methods and values of travel. Festival events span from film to outdoor activities with a nonconventional approach to celebrate the multi-dimensions of traveling. In celebration of the Festival del Viaggio, [...]