Pre-Christmas Movies in English at the Odeon

This December there is a wide assortment of films presented as always in English and lined up at the Cinema Odeon (piazza Strozzi); including thrilling mysteries, dramas, classics like Saturday Night Fever and documentaries such as Marc Francis’s film on Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh. Below is a preview of the movies playing through mid-December. THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US Sat. 2, Sun. 3, Tues. 5 (4:30 pm, 6:30 pm, & 9 pm) Mon. 4 [...]

Cinema Ritrovato: The Classics Restored

An exciting festival is set to make an upcoming appearance at Cinema La Compagnia (Via Cavour, 50/r) from Nov. 30 – Dec. 3, a four-day event dedicated to ‘Cinema Ritrovato,’ a series of showings of restored classic films.  In the spotlight are producers and directors such as Mike Nichols with The Graduate, Marco Ferreri with La Donna Scimmia (The Ape Woman) and Nicholas Ray with Johnny Guitar. The majority of films mentioned below [...]

Historical & Contemporary Films at the Odeon

The Odeon (Piazza degli Strozzi) this month will showcase a variety of films, as always presented in English. The offerings range from romantic comedies such as The Big Sick, to the journey of self-discovery for a young man tasked with a delivery for a famous painter in Loving Vincent, and finally a film dedicated to the time before the independence of India in Viceroy’s House. Below is a preview of the films playing [...]

Celebrating England through Film in Florence

As a part of the British Institute’s Talking Pictures film series dedicated to British or American cinema of the past 100 years showcased every Wednesday, “The Magical Mystery Tour,” is selected for Wednesday, October 25 (8 pm) at The British Institute Library (Lungarno Guicciardini 9).  Directed by The Beatles themselves, it is a fun, psychedelic adventure through the English countryside. This eclectic film is composed of clips of the band, playing songs including [...]

‘Vive la France’ at the 2017 France Odeon Film Fest

The theme this week in Florence is “bridging cultures.” The France Odeon Festival at Cinema La Compagnia from October 19 – 22 is a celebration of contemporary French film, new talent and the strong cinematic relationship between France and Italy. Directed by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, the prestigious four-day programme takes place at Cinema La Compagnia (via Cavour 50/r) and features screenings, guest stars, interviews and awards. Twelve of the best recent French films [...]

Festivities for ‘Room with a View,’ Ivory’s Great Work

The beginning of a new week brings the anniversary celebrations of “A Room with a View” to a close, ending the festivities on a tone of prodigious respect and admiration for the 1985 screen adaptation of E. M. Forster’s novel.  A special teatime at the British Institute of Florence’s library closed out the festive ceremonies, but the deep appreciation for the movie continues. As lead actress Helena Bonham Carter details in this video interview, [...]

Hokusai & the Great Wave, British Museum Film at the Odeon

Monday, Sept. 25 (4:45 & 9 pm), Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. 26-27 (4:45 & 6:45 pm): HOKUSAI.  Cinema Odeon, piazza Strozzi. Millions have seen the famous painting, The Great Wave of Kanagawa, part of the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series, but not many know something about the artist himself. Katshushika Hokusai (1716 – 1849) born in what is now Tokyo, Japan, began painting at the young age of six, studying polychrome woodblock printing [...]

Drama, Thrillers & Documentaries at the Odeon

This month audiences at the Odeon theatre (piazza Strozzi) can expect a wide-ranging selection of films in English based on true stories from Dunkirk, to Marc Francis’s documentary on Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Add to the mix thrillers like The Beguiled directed by Sofia Coppola and the action packed Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Below is a preview of the films playing through the end of the month. Sun. 17 (4:10 pm): Dunkirk [...]

‘Apriti Cinema’: Free Films at the Uffizi

Florence’s summer film festival, Apriti Cinema, has always been celebrated for the diversity of the films that it features. This year’s festival will include all of the elements that have made this event a success: free entrance until 285 available seats have been filled, original language films with Italian or English subtitles, from last fall’s 50 Days of International Cinema Festival and the 2017 Asian Spring Festival. One notable aspect, however, has changed: [...]

‘Cannes a Firenze’ at Spazio Alfieri

For the fourth consecutive year, the international film festival Cannes a Firenze will take place in Florence from June 19 to June 23 at Spazio Alfieri Cinema, located on via dell’Ulivo 10. Throughout the week, 10 of this season’s critically acclaimed films presented at Cannes will be shown to the public. The festival will also give audiences the opportunity to watch a Cannes classic, Unforgiven by Clint Eastwood. To kick off this year’s [...]