New Evidence in U.S. Student Rape Case

Investigation has provided a clearer picture of what probably happened on the morning of September 7, when two Italian carabinieri policemen accompanied American students home in Florence and allegedly raped them.

Both young women – ages 19 and 21 – were intoxicated, with blood alcohol levels of 1.9 and 2% respectively (1.5% is the cut-off for a drunk driving offense in Italy), and were not in any condition to give consent to sex with the policemen, which both cops said they had.

The 21-year-old said that the older carabiniere (Marco Camuffo, 47) pushed her against a windowsill and forced her to a have a variety of sexual relations against her will, while the 19-year-old remembers being kissed by the second cop (Pietro Costa, 32) but little else.

Based on these findings, the Florence district attorney’s office is sustaining charges against Camuffo for rape, but only for abuse against Costa.  The carabinieri admitted to having intercourse with the students, but with their consent.

The on-duty carabinieri entered the apartment building where the girls were living at 3:14 am and left at 3:32 am, and the students called the police 113 hotline only 16 minutes after they had left.   One student was recorded on the phone as saying, in English, “come and get us please, raped by police, car, home.”

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (rosanna cirigliano)