Sci-Fi, High Tech & Romantic Comedy at the Odeon

A science fiction action film, a high tech thriller and classic Woody Allen romantic comedy all come to the Odeon during the next three weeks. Beginning with Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, continuing with The Circle and the restored version of highly acclaimed 1979 film Manhattan, cinema attendees can find a wide variety of entertainment. All films in English with Italian subtitles.  Tickets are €8, those with reductions applicable €6. Tuesday, May [...]

Balabrunch: Food & Literature at the Synagogue

The Synagogue of Florence hosts a series of author talks and brunches called the Balabrunch ending in mid-June. Balabrunch is a continuation of the synagogue’s summer festival, Balagan Cafe, and strives to create an empathetic relationship with the public through the exchange of ideas. The Synagogue of Florence will host a Pulitzer Award winner Michael Chabon and his wife and novelist Ayelet Waldman on Sunday, April 9 starting at 11:15 am.  Chabon’s prize [...]

Health & Herbs, January 2017

A deep breath while on the premises of Via Ghibellina 199 invites soft fragrances of citrus and jasmine floating from the San Simone herbalist shop. Dozens of yards before reaching its storefront, one can smell its ever-present, ever-fresh potpourri. San Simone’s owner, Dr. Fernanda Russo, maintains the 300 year-old tradition of the space by selling natural oils, herbs, teas, and incenses to heal, defend, and enhance one’s health and lifestyle. Most products are [...]

Health & Herbs, September

Summer is winding down, and now it’s back to school and work. Can you maintain that gorgeous summer tan while sitting behind a desk? Local pharmacist Dr. Fernanda Russo says you can. She advocates taking a Beta-Carotene compress once a day and exfoliating several times a week to make your glow last. After months in the sun, it is sometimes hard to re-enter the world of studies and work, so tiredness and sluggishness [...]

A Summer Salad Spot in Florence

Florence, the city of art and museums, offers no shortage in the way of food for the soul. But church exploring and gallery hopping should never be tackled on an empty stomach. Yet in the land of pizza and pasta, lighter, healthier options, particularly sought-after in the hot summer months, are often hard to come by. When searching for a fresh and cheap salad in Florence, look no further than Enoteca Natalino (Borgo degli [...]

Health & Herbs, July

The river is sparkling, the air is warm, and you’d be outside…if you weren’t so exhausted from the constant sun exposure! According to Dr. Fernando Russo, asthenia (an umbrella term for laziness, dizziness, fatigue) can be treated with a simple herbal tea. Served a half hour before meals, artemisia teas will leave you feeling re-energized. Add 1 tbsp. per cup of hot water and leave five minutes to infuse. For itchy mosquito bites [...]

Health & Herbs, May

During May, feeling bloated and sluggish happens in conjunction with the onset of warm weather. Blood vessels become markedly sticky and hinder circulatory flow in the spring and summer. Lymph nodes unfortunately fill with metabolic scum that slows natural bodily processes. These ailments are easily curable, however, with just one stop at your local Erboristeria. To cleanse blood and lymph nodes from excessive fats and proteins, Dr. Fernanda Russo of Erboristeria San Simone [...]

Health & Herbs, April

In April, spring cleaning does not only refer to your house or office. Health tips for this month focus on refining your inner self. Reduce fatigue:  a simple Bach Flower remedy will do the trick. Bach Flower solutions, developed by Edward Bach in the 1930s, are 50:50 water to brandy mixed with a small amount of flower material. According to Dr. Russo, drinking Bach’s Olive helps manage our vital energies, rendering us less [...]

Florence’s Best Mexican Happy Hour

l’Margaritaio, Via dell’Anguillara 70/R, Florence.. Open 5:30 pm – 2 am daily. Frozen margaritas in sugar-rimmed glasses adorned with pineapple slices, piles of tortilla chips covered in cheese and guacamole, walls lined with Mexican street art. The city filled to the brim with world class Italian fare does not sound like the home of this scene, yet somehow l’Margaritaio has been flourishing in Florence. This underground gem specializes in Mexican happy hour, doling [...]

Florence’s Best Hot Chocolate

We are not talking about thin tasteless hot chocolate made from a packet of powder found in America.  Florentine hot chocolate is in an entirely different league, in fact, like so many things in Italy, it is more of an art. The charming powder blue shop called Vestri (Borgo degli Albizi 11/r) bursts at the seams with everything one could possibly make out of chocolate: truffles, bars, gelato, spreads, pastas, panettone, and a cylinder [...]