Pop Bag Opens in Florence

POPSTORE3 copy 2Pop! goes the…bag? Upon walking into Pop Bag by J&C, a glowing sign greets customers, emblazoned with key phrases such as #popphilosophy, #doityourself and #customizeyourbag. Welcome to the latest addition to Florence’s shopping scene, where guests can design their own bag and have it ready to take home before they leave the store.

Yellow, pink and blue play predominately in the concept shop’s décor. Purses on display on the left hang suspended from the ceiling in clear round bubble-like containers surrounded by color-changing LED orbs that resemble lollipops. On the right wall lies the J&C customizable line, with purse pieces on hangers ready to select in any number of combinations. The space’s bright, cheery atmosphere is reminiscent of a candy store.

J&C JACKYCELINE started in 2008 and is named after the designer Sara Lin’s two sons. Her brand headquarters takes the form of a 1000-square meter showroom in Sesto Fiorentino, but the centrally located Pop Bag store is a new undertaking. Here, customers can step into the role of designer and customize to their hearts’ content with six bag sizes and 25 piece choices.

Each purse is made up of four pieces: a back, a front, an adjustable strap and an optional internal pouch. The pieces snap together with clasps that look like studs when finished and can easily be assembled on-site in a few minutes with the help of store staff.

Visitors can choose from colors ranging from glittery green to more muted metallic silver. The bag elements are made in Italy mostly from genuine leather, although some of the purses are composed of see-through PVC and even real snakeskin. Not feeling up to DIY? J&C also offers a collection of premade styles, including a shimmering translucent rainbow design and faux-quilted options.

Although fun and unique, the store isn’t for everyone – die-hard leather traditionalists may find the colorful glittery exteriors a bit too contemporary. Shoppers should also take note that the bags are on the pricier side – the smallest ones start at 25 and range well up to 150 and more. Each of the four customizable bag pieces are sold separately and vary in price.

For more info or to shop the collection online, see www.jandc.eu. Currently, shipping is only available within Europe. Pop Bag is located at via Calimala 23/r, Florence, just a stone’s throw away from bustling Piazza della Repubblica. Open daily 11 am – 7 pm. (sydney price)