Record Temperatures Arriving in Florence

New highs are expected in Florence thanks to another heat wave starting on August 1 that will last through the weekend. Residents and visitors alike can expect to experience 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) and 41° (105.8° Fahrenheit) on Tuesday and Wednesday, when Florence is forecast is to be the hottest city in Italy.

For those seeking escape, it is expected to be slightly cooler at the seashore (33° Celsius or 91° Fahrenheit), and in the mountains (at 1600m or 5,000 ft., the heat will probably not go above 26° or 78° Fahrenheit).

There will be less relief than usual at night, with temperatures not going below 20° (60° Fahrenheit) accompanied by a high level of humidity that will surely bring to mind the tropics. It will begin to be a little cooler only on August 6, with rainfall excluded until at least August 10.

The warm air is on its way from northern Africa.

June 2017 was the hottest month in Tuscany since 2003.  To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.