Restorers Climb Florence’s Duomo

For the next two weeks, a giant crane will bring a crew to up to 183 ft. in piazza del Duomo. The workers will be thus able to take a close look at the marble and statues on the facade for a maintenance check necessary due to the effects of pollution and weather.

They will monitor the condition of the facade of the Duomo (Cathedral), then move on to the Cupola as well as the Baptistery, representing the first time for this ancient landmark, constructed between the 11th and 12th centuries,  since its 2015 restoration.

The team, part of the Conservation Workshop of the Opera del Duomo, are following in the footsteps of medieval and Renaissance stoneworkers employed by the organization.  Over the centuries they created and helped preserve the sculptures placed on the monuments in addition to the multicolored marble facades, works of art in themselves.

The check up now takes place twice a year instead of once as formerly.  The next one is scheduled in fall and will involve a crane that reach a height of 341 ft.  To see a photo gallery, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.