Open Day at the Fiesole Music School

The Fiesole Music School invites the public to attend an ‘Open Day’ at their headquarters in the historic Villa La Torraccia (Via delle Fontanelle 4, San Domenico di Fiesole) on Saturday, May 6 beginning at 3 pm. The classes of the wind and brass instruments will open their doors to all interested and potential students who wish to give these fascinating orchestral instruments a try. The teachers, many of whom are principal players [...]

April 14 Tuscan Food & Wine Tasting Class

GIVEAWAY: We are teaming up with Pino’s Pozzo Divino wine shop to give away two things. Those who sign up for the April 14 food and wine tasting class (6 pm) by sending a email to will qualify for a FREE wine tasting held at the shop. Second prize, a FREE bottle of wine of your choice to send home. Rules: after signing up, like this post as well as our Facebook [...]

Entering the World of Tuscan Ceramics

Learning the World of Tuscan Ceramics

Walking into Florence’s Sbigoli Terrecotte’s crowded interior can bring to mind a ceramics class, which is exactly what the crafts shop offers in the back room.  Dozens of impressive terracotta and glazed ceramic pieces fill the store. Past where customers are allowed to go, unfinished pieces linger and two large kilns stand at the ready. A throwing wheel stands waiting as well, creating visions of students tranquilly working over potential masterpieces. The reality [...]

Italian High Renaissance Course at the British Institute

Raphael's La Donna Velata

No era of artistic achievement is as renowned as the so-called ‘High’ Renaissance of the 16th century, and no country holds a higher place in that period than Italy. The supreme works created by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael established a canon of beauty, a benchmark of ‘perfection’ that pervades Western culture to this day. The iconic fame of Michelangelo’s David and the Sistine Chapel ceiling alone testify to [...]

Applied Arts at Studio FUJI

Applied Arts at Studio FUJI

Studio FUJI Via Guelfa 85 Tel. 055/21.99.14 Home to the Renaissance, Florence provides inspiration for creativity.  One place to express this is at Studio FUJI, an art school of textile design and fashion.  A part of history can be discovered by learning traditional methods while incorporating personal ideas to create a fresh, contemporary twist.  The art of weaving and dyeing was vital to Florence’s cloth industry, which flourished during the 13th, 14th and [...]