Tabernacle Restorations by Friends of Florence

Beyond the Arno, in the Oltrarno, two tabernacles from the 1950s, in dire need of restoration and protection from the elements are today shining anew. Thanks again to the contribution of Friends of Florence, the works of art and their shrines have been rebuilt, repaired and restored in Piazza Torquato Tasso and Via del Campuccio. Both works of art were originally commissioned by the city of Florence, in an effort to save face [...]

Fireworks & Scandinavian Photography: Norden

Until Feb. 18:  NORDEN: MAN AND NATURE.  Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2.  Open Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm.  Admission:  €8.  Residents of Florence, Arezzo and Grosseto have free access to the adjacent Bardini garden. Past and present blur together in a new photography show titled “Norden: Man and Nature between Scandinavia and Baltic States,” a platform illustrating people and places that Luca Berti, a transplanted Florentine, experienced during his [...]

Chaslin’s Return to the ORT Stage

Conductor Frédéric Chaslin makes his return to the ORT stage to celebrate Tuscany with Romanticism, a new production at the Teatro Verdi on November 30, 2017 (9 pm). Part of the Festival of Tuscany, Chaslin will direct the orchestra’s interpretation of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Op. 56, or the Scottish, and pianist Pietro De Maria will taking over the solo performance of Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, [...]

A Reading of ‘Seven’ at Teatro della Pergola

It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without women, those females, sometimes irrational but forever caring and emotional, those ladies who have continuously worked day-in, day-out, just to make the world go round. In their honour, Italy will dedicate 16 days this autumn to a campaign, “16 Days of Activism to Stand up Against Male Violence,” taking place November 25 through December 10Linked to this campaign is a reading of [...]

A Pian de’ Guillari Photo Book by Marangoni

As part of initiatives by Contemporary Photography, the inaugural event of “Tea Time with a Beautiful Book” begins with Martino Marangoni’s photographical memoir (with sections in English and Italian), “Nonni’s Paradiso, an Olive Tree Story,” at Chalet Fontana (viale Galileo 7, Literary Cafe) on November 5 (6 pm).  The public is welcome to attend. Born in Florence to an American mother and an Italian father, Marangoni’s childhood was a mixture of the two [...]

A New Life for the Cloister of the Vows’ Frescoes

What has been a four-year project, to restore the frescoes in the Cloister of the Vows of the church of Santissima Annunziata made possible by the non-profit organization ‘Friends of Florence’, has finally reached its completion. Restorers Alessandra Popple and Cristiana Conti from S.A.R., and Gioia Germani have impeded the deterioration of the murals while restoring their original luminosity. La chiesa della madre di tutti fiorentini, as the mother church of the Servite order [...]

A Musical Evening from Russia to Florence

The ORT (Orchestra della Toscana) begins 2017-2018 musical season with a concert centered on Russia. Daniele Rustioni will conduct the inaugural evening, and animate selected Russian works. Rustioni will express the themes present in pieces from composers Sergei Prokofiev, Alexander Borodin, and Igor Stravinsky. Violin soloist Roman Simović will interpret French composer Maurice Ravel’s 1924 creation, Tzigane.  A challenging, but rhapsodic piece, it is an exciting choice that allow Simović the opportunity to express [...]

‘Amici della Musica’: The Arrival of a New Season

The Amici della Musica Firenze launch their 2017-2018 concert season this Saturday, October 14 (4 pm) at the Teatro della Pergola, with a repertoire of great classical pieces for the inaugural event. Throughout the concert season, special attention will be bestowed on chamber music in series of cycles entitled “The World of the Quartet,” “Solopiano,” and “The Art of Singing” and the “Bach Odyssey.” To add a more modern element, the stage will [...]

Fortissimissimo: A Festival to Honor Fledging Talent

To celebrate the musical talents of young people across the globe, the Amici della Musica Firenze is presenting a new classical competition, the Fortissimissimo Firenze Festival (FFF), that will run until October 11. The festival will take place under the artistic direction of Andrea Lucchesini in Sala del Buonumore of the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory, and will include a variety of classical pieces interpreted on an assortment of instruments. The historical hall was provided [...]

Urs Fischer’s Contemporary Art in Piazza Signoria

The newest additions to one of Florence’s most historical squares have come crashing down. Concurrently with Biennial Antiques Fair, Urs Fisher, brought three statues to Piazza Signoria in effort to incorporate temporary works of art into Florence. His sculptures in the square include the large metal work, Big Clay and two wax statues of the curator of the exhibition, Francesco Bonami and the chairman of the antiques show, Fabrizio Moretti. One of the [...]