Vivaldi World Premiere, Florence

FMSardelli_foto_Alessandro_Lamuraglia_940x440 copy
Federico Maria Sardelli

A FREE concert and world premiere of the oldest musical work composed by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) is scheduled in the Uffizi Gallery on Monday, Feb. 9 starting at 9 pm.  Reservations are required: call 055/ 290383.

The piece will be performed by Mondo Antiquo under the guidance of noted conductor Federico Maria Sardelli, who discovered the manuscript — which has been declared authentic and dated between 1700 and 1703 — in a German library.  Examination of the document also revealed that Baroque violinist and composer Giuseppe Torelli was Vivaldi’s mentor.

The discovery will be recorded at Teatro della Pergola along with other Vivaldi compositions on Feb. 10 and 11.