The 2017 ‘Festival of Religions’ & the Dalai Lama

With the guest superstar His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the exploration of personal and cultural roots is the focus of this week’s Festival of Religions on September 19, 22, 23. To see a a video of the Dalai Lama’s speech, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site. Among many reasons, the Festival of Religions was founded to counterbalance the reality that today’s world is one where identity, culture and religion are losing value and [...]

Florence’s Film Scene: A New Beginning

  Cinema La Compagnia (Via Cavour 50/r) opens its doors once again this autumn in Florence with a brand new film series schedule. At the start, the public can look forward to some of American director James Ivory’s most impressive works, and later on to the Toscana Film Network, a weekly showing of local, Tuscan movies. To kick-start the month of October, La Compagnia, a theater-converted-cinema will run a three-day viewing of some [...]

Migrations: Florence’s Jewish Heritage Day

Sunday, Sept. 10:  EUROPEAN JEWISH HERITAGE DAY:  Diaspora, Identity and Dialogue. Florence Synagogue, via Farini 6.  Free admission. The public of Florence is welcome at a series of events organized by the Jewish Community of Florence. In a world were Jews have been persecuted in almost every country, this year’s theme is centered on the diaspora (historical migration of Jews from their homeland, ancient Palestine). Jewish suffering dates back to 733 BCE, when Tiglath [...]

Florence’s ‘Rificolona’ Paper Lantern 2017 Fest

Thurs. 7: RIFICOLONA (Paper Lantern Festival). Every year, Catholics commemorate September 8 as the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. In Florence, there is a special tradition associated with feast: on the eve of the Nativity, residents celebrate the Festa della Rificolona, the Festival of Paper Lanterns. In Renaissance times, peasant farmers and craftsmen from neighboring villages would travel into the city to celebrate, and to sell their produce and wares at feast day [...]

Weekend Festivals: New Generation & Fierucola

August will end and September will begin with a bang in Florence. The Fierucola organic market expands to two days and another location, Piazza Santissima Annunziata, with a special focus on bread made with natural, biological leavening agents. In contrast, a modern-day princess offers a decidedly more upscale option: a series of concerts in her Italian garden. FIERUCOLA DEL PANE Piazza Santissima Annunziata will come alive with rows of farmers, bakers and artisans [...]

Florence’s 2017 Ancient Tower Visits

An annual tradition since 2011, public visits of the eight kilometer long (5 mile) Florentine defensive border, specifically Torre San Niccolò, Torre della Zecca, and Porta Romana, will be available to the public. This year, the Baluardo a San Giorgio will be added as a new fourth destination. From the San Niccolò, tower, guests can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Built around 1345, it was of strategic importance when French [...]

Florence’s Costoli Swimming Pool

From its crystal blue waters in  three pools—Olympic-sized, one for diving and another for children—as well as plenty of open space for games, lawn space for tanning, and activities for all ages, Costoli is a perfect place to enjoy the summer sun.  The pools are spacious, so complex is not overly crowded, even on the busiest of days. There are no chairs or tables around the pool, so guest should be aware that [...]

Cooling Off at Florence’s Parco dei Renai Lake

A great way to beat the heat is to plan a short getaway to Signa to enjoy the cool waters of a freshwater lake. Renai Park also offers a diverse set of activities from horseback riding to waterskiing; considering the rise in temperatures this summer the lake is the most appealing as an escape from hectic city life. Getting to the park from the Signa train station is a 15-minute walk through the [...]

Florence’s Bellariva Swimming Pool

When the heat in Florence becomes overwhelming, an alternative for cooling off is to head to a public swimming pool. From luxurious resorts to complexes with a family-like atmosphere, there are varying options to swim and sunbathe under the Florentine sun.  Click here to see Part 1 of Magenta’s pool series featuring Le Pavoniere and Flog. For those who prefer to socialize at sunlit café tables or in family-designated areas, the Piscina Bellariva, [...]

Summer ’17 Florence’s Coolest Summer Spots, II

SERRE TORRIGIANI IN PIAZZETTA.  Piazza de Tre Re. Open from mid May to September 30 from 10 am to 12 30 am Monday-Sunday. Live music from Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 10 pm. In Florence’s current climate of blistering heat, strolling through the city center’s congested central streets is no easy feat. Just off of Via Calazuoli, however, appears sign luring the comer with promises of a garden, cold drinks, and [...]