Justice for Protesters Against Tree Removal

Citizens of Florence were furious when 300 trees in Piazza Stazione and Piazza San Marco were cut down at the end of August. The City of Florence is beginning to fulfill its promise of replacing the trees.

In front of the station, the first five out of 20 trees were planted on October 31. Five more were planted on November 1 and the rest will be added when the construction of the new tramline is completed sometime in 2018.  (deanna carbone)

In November, mayor Dario Nardella put in motion a new project: adding 23 trees in Piazza del Carmine. The trees are grouped together in front of the church, along the area reserved for parking spaces. The initiative also includes new benches for the public, which will be placed around the trees.

“Each tree will be ‘adopted’ by a class from the Machiavelli High School in Santo Spirito, in an attempt to involve citizens in the latest developments of the city center,” says Nardella.

To read more in Italian, see Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (karen gee)