Carla dal Forno, Australian Singer at the Sala Vanni

Network Sonoro is a project born of the partnership between Musicus Concentus and Music Pool. Offering 100 concerts, which take place in traditional theaters, clubs, and auditoriums, this project acts as a reference point for those interested in exploring the contemporary music scene. Taking place throughout the region of Tuscany, Italian and other international artists offer an exciting journey into eclectic music.

Carla Dal Forno is the next performing artist who will take the stage in Florence during the month of April.

April 27, 2018 @ Sala Vanni, Firenze, 9:15 pm:

Carla Dal Forno

Tickets: €20/13 pre-sale, available @

Australian singer-songwriter Carla dal Forno focuses more on just her vocals. Dal Forno’s music offers a laid back sense. With an emphasis on marginal detail, her music includes background sounds that allow listeners to get lost in its out-of-focus frame. At times, dal Forno implements layers of natural sound like water pouring from a teapot, the crack of thunder, or the rotation of helicopter blades. While her music often paints a setting through sounds, the listener’s focus remains on an exploration of mood.  (audrey allahverdian)