Senior Citizen Peretola Tram Trend

A surprising demographic has taken advantage of the opening of the new tram T2 line that runs from Santa Maria Novella to the Peterola airport with 12 stops along the way. Since the line’s opening, senior citizens have flocked to the airport by tram in order to utilize the two weeks-worth of free rides the city of Florence has granted its residents up to and including February 24.

These visitors stand out in the midst of hurried travelers as they are in no rush and in fact, are not travelling at all. Instead, these groups stroll slowly through the airport, taking in all the sights which they have never been too familiar with and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Bologna writer and musician Danilo Masotti has recently dedicated a blog to observing these patient, slow-paced elderly Florence residents which he has nicknamed “Umarells.” A Bolognese word that translates to little man, “Umarells” is now used to describe pensioners or “those who stop to look at construction on building sites or changes within a city.” Masotti says he is not surprised by their most recent outings as “Umarells” tend to be the ones who appreciate and take in all the change happening around them the most.

Masotti respects their ability to bring a sense of calm and mindfulness to the daily rush of a city: their leisurely walks through the busy airport being just one of the most recent examples.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (kelsey lentz)