A Clear Guide to Phase 3 Post-Lockdown Openings

Calidario hot spring resort Venturina, which can resume business thanks to Phase 3

This week Italy has entered Phase 3 of post-lockdown life, and a variety of venues, activities and events were authorized to reopen. 

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed the Dpcm on June 11, according to the Italian Government website. This kickoffs “Phase 3” of Italy’s measures and resumption of activities beginning on June 15th, which also gave regional governors the freedom to make additions.  In Tuscany, Governor Rossi has authorized fairs, congresses and conferences not included in Conte’s decree

Starting on June 15, summer camps for children reopened with safety measures. Children three years old and up are now able to attend summer camps under the presence of counselors in small groupings. Children between three and five years old will be in groups of five, ages six to 11 will be in groups of seven and teenagers 12 to 17 will be in groups of 10. Each grouping will have one counselor overlooking their activities and ensure the participants remain 3.25 ft./one meter apart.

Spas, hot spring resorts and cultural/social centers began to welcome guests beginning on June 15 as well.

As of June 13, gondolas and ski lifts at mountain resorts became accessible. While Conte suggested for discos not reopen until July 14, Tuscan governor Enrico Rossi gave the go-ahead in Tuscany starting June 14. Indoor discos will only reopen for DJs to play and no dancing will take place. Outdoor discos will be allowed to open as long as people remain 3.25 feet (one meter) apart when not dancing, and 6.5 feet (1.8 meters) apart if dancing. Exhibitions, conferences, amusement parks and ceremonies will be opening at this time as well. 

Live events like festivals can’t host more than 1,000 people at outdoor venues and no more than 200 people at indoor venues. The public, workers and artists will be required to remain 3.25 feet (one meter) apart at all times. 

Competitive sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, water polo and beach volleyball started up again on June 12. The public is not allowed to attend. 

Outdoor cinemas reopened on June 15.  Many indoor movie theaters are choosing to postpone their openings until September in fear of being penalized for not being able to uphold safety rules..

June 15 will mark the first time the public can visit their relatives in nursing homes since Coronavirus emergency began. The government is urging families to give relatives an electronic tablet in order to talk virtually, so they don’t have to visit them in person too frequently.

Many small airports throughout Europe are resuming service. Traveling to and from the European Union and Schengen countries –- except for urgent work or health reasons — began on June 16.  Travel outside the Schengen area will be allowed beginning on June 30.  Most airports that are reopening include small Italian, German and Rome airports. 

Social distancing and safety measures including temperature checks, masks, hand sanitization and 3.25 feet to 6.5 feet of social distancing will be required for all reopenings. Food and drinks are not allowed to be sold at events. It is strongly advised to buy tickets online using a credit card. (lauren polanski)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.