A Florence Textile Arts Fair for Fabric Fans


Saturday, Nov. 4, and Sunday, November 5: TEXTILE ARTS FAIR.  Piazza Santa Croce.  Open 10 am – 7 pm

This weekend the focus is on the weaving world in Florence. Whether it be browsing through handmade items of clothing, seeing textile-making demonstrations utilizing a variety of materials, meeting guests at the fair, participating an in-depth conversation with an experienced practitioner, the “Arti Tessili,” or “Textile Arts” Fair is a place for aficionados of natural fabrics and handmade crafts.

Sweaters, blankets, scarves, and other comfy items available for purchase, will exhibit the softness and beauty of using natural yarn. With the weather becoming chilly, people will have the opportunity to stock up on winter gear, while helping the local farming economy.  Items include capes, scarves, hats, gloves, pullovers, dresses and even blankets, all handwoven using natural dyes.

This year, emphasis will be placed on tradition and sustainable fashion. Eco-printing (the process of using natural dyes) will receive special attention with Laura Dell’Erba there to explain and show the process. Many other demonstrations are planned for both adults and children, focusing on weaving, dyeing, and wool spinning. Among the special guests will be weavers, spinners, dyers, felt makers, knitters, and seamstresses, all offering a vast amount of knowledge and experience to guests.

The fair will be a unique opportunity to see handmade pieces constructed from natural materials. There will be demonstrations targeted at specific age groups as well, with one being for the children by the “Intrecci shared” association and another for kids ages 8 to 12 called “Trame di Robbia” curated by Maurizio Savoldo. This, along with a hemp dyeing workshop, are all meant to enrich the program. There will be conversations with experts Elena Villa, Antonio Mauro, Cesarina di Domenica, and Annalisa de Luca. Lastly, the second issue of the “Tramando” magazine will be presented alongside newspapers dedicated to the textile arts.

Organic vegetables, wine, bread, jams, preserves, essential oils and soaps will also be on sale at the fair.

More information, such as event times and details, may be found at www.lafierucola.org.