A Jazz and Classical Music Weekend in Sala Vanni

Vocalist Ada Montellanico and Michel Godard on the tuba will headline at Sala Vanni on October 29

The final weekend of October brings back-to-back performances for those with a budding interest in jazz and orchestra. Friday features the WeTuba with the fifth iteration of their jazz performance titled “A Jazz Supreme.” The ensemble for this act includes Ada Montellanico on vocals, Michel Godard on tuba and serpentone, Simone Graziano playing piano, Francesco Ponticelli with a double bass and Bernardo Guerra playing drums. The show will take place at 9:15 pm in the Sala Vanni at Piazza del Carmine, 14. 

This group wishes to bring the old, improvisational style of jazz to the forefront of the fall music season, while conducting a set with an original, innovative and avant-garde style of sound to the stage. Tickets can be purchased for €14 on the information page or for €20 at the entrance if any seats are still available. 

For those with a penchant for orchestra, the Sala Vanni will be hosting Suoni Riflessi for their ongoing autumn program from October 30 to October 31. The first of these two events is titled “Svelare la Musica,” which will be an interview between composer Luigi Maio and director Mario Ancilloti beginning at 6 pm. On the following day, the performance titled “Halloween – Musica Scherzi” will debut at 11 am.  The scherzo was created to replace the waltz in a symphony to introduce a light-hearted and lively interval.  This show will feature the full cast of Suoni Riflessi performing a series of entertaining songs.

Suoni Riflessi is an orchestral festival that follows the motto of “when music meets life”, with their music that wishes to touch the hearts of people across generations with pieces that express artistry. Reservation for the event can be made through their website, with tickets costing €15 euro per attendee.  (nelson matos)