A Police Jail Barbecue & Latest COVID Stats

Florence’s Sollicciano prison

While 229 people were found by police outside their homes on Easter Sunday and Pasquetta (the day after Easter, a legal holiday) without a valid reason during the Coronavirus emergency and consequently fined, correction officers (polizia penitenziaria) at Sollicciano are under investigation for organizing a barbecue during Pasquetta on prison grounds.

Forty police agents and their families celebrated the holiday, also known as Easter Monday, by grilling meat in the prison courtyard.  No one even wore a mask and a local Florence daily published a photo of the cookout.  The communal meal was followed by a game on the prison’s soccer field.   Sollicciano director Fabio Prestopino, who was away visiting another prison that day, received a phone call reporting noise in the courtyard; when he followed up on this tip, he was told by a prison guard that everything was OK (“tutto tranquillo”).  An investigation has been opened, and the director of prison police interrogated.

During the same weekend, a man was fined €280 for rowing on the Arno without a valid reason for being out of the house; when stopped by police, he said he was on his way to the grocery store with the canoe his means of transport.  It was ascertained the he is not even a member of the Florence Rowing Club (Società Canottieri) near Ponte Vecchio.

Regarding upcoming holidays, Tuscan governor Rossi has issued a decree, closing all shops and offices with the exception of pharmacies, newsstands, and businesses that make home deliveries of groceries or meals, on both Saturday, April 25 and Friday, May 1.

The Latest COVID-19 Stats

This week’s Coronavirus numbers were characterized by ups, downs and sudden surges, much like a roller coaster.  The average age of those who passed is 80.  (rosanna cirigliano)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.

Friday, April 17

167 new cases, 17 deaths

Thursday, April 16

277 new cases, 29 deaths

Wednesday, April 15

139 new cases, 18 deaths

Tuesday, April 14

137 new cases, 20 deaths