A Race for Everyone at Firenze Marathon

Over 10,000 participants are expected for the 35th Firenze Marathon: athletes from all over the world will come together for the event on Sunday, Nov. 25. This year, new initiatives have been organized in hopes to broaden the array of people who participate. Along with the main marathon, the weekend will contain the Huawei Relay, the Ginky Family Run, and offer Marathonabile.

The marathon, which will start at 8:30 am in Piazza Duomo, is 42.195 kilometers. The route will go through centuries of art, history and culture here in Florence. The enrollment deadline is Nov. 14, and the entry fee is €80. This year, because of the growing success, Marathonabile will be implemented. Marathonablie is an initiative that allows for a reimbursement of the entry fee to all handcycle participants who finish the race to promote a marathon without barriers.

The Huawei 3x7km Relay is a charity program, established this year with the Firenze Marathon Charity, to allow participants to run and collect donations for a Non-Profit organization of their choice. The race will take place in Cascine park the day before the Marathon, Nov. 24, at 9:30 am and is 21km total. Teams of three can sign up and each member must complete 7km of the total.

The Ginky Family Run, also in Cascine park on Nov. 24, at 3:30 pm, is a family run devoted to children. The goal of the event is to unite younger and older generations through sport and involve the entire city. The registration fee is free for children under 14 and €10  for adults.

Another novelty this year will be the tribute to Davide Astori at the 13th km. Astori was the captain for the local soccer team, Fiorentina, who tragically passed away last March. A special poster will be displayed in the Piazzale Kennedy of the Cascine Park to honor him.  (beatrice paoletti)

The Firenze Marathon committee has created an event for everyone this year; for more information and enrollment visit the web site.