A Tale of Trolls for Kids at the British Institute

Kids and parents are welcome to listen to the wonderful tale of “Troll Swap” at the Library of the British Institute (Lungarno Guicciardini, 9, Florence) on Thursday, November 15. The library holds Storytime about twice a month for ages 3 to 8, but everyone is welcome. The reading will take place in their cozy children’s room. The reading will start at 5 pm and their Afternoon Tea upstairs is open from 4:30 to 6 pm. Those with a library membership can get in for free but others can get a day pass for €6, and the Afternoon Tea is a minimum contribution of €1.50.

“Troll Swap” by Leigh Hodgkinson is a hilarious story about a girl and a troll who swap lives. The troll, Timothy Limpet, feels out of place in is family. He prefers to be quiet which most trolls are not. On the other hand, Tabitha Lumpit likes to be loud and messy. Timonth and Tabitha meet on a bridge and make the big decision to switch lives. They learn a valuable life lesson about the meaning of home and more, and each makes a new friend in the process.

Following Halloween, “Troll Swap” is a great way to move into the next season. The Library of the British Institute also provide a perfect way to spend a cold evening curled up listening to a story or sipping on hot tea and eating English cakes. (sienna kirk)