A Talk in English on ‘Women of Iran: Past, Present & Future’

Women protesting in Iran

Activists Sabri Najafii and Sanaz Partow will give a talk in English on the women in Iranian society after the exile of the Shah at the CEA-CAPA Study Center, piazza della Repubblica 6, on April 11 starting at 6 pm. The door is between Gilli and Paszkowski, while the center is located on the third floor (take the elevator on the right).

Masha Jina Amini was arrested and killed in September 2022 and her death sparked a woman-led revolution in Iran. What has been happening recently in Iran and what consequences will this have for Iranian women and the country as a whole? Sabri Najafi, President of Associazione Donne Libere Iraniane (Iranian Free Women’s Association) and activist of Donna Vita Libertà di Firenze (Women Life Freedom – Florence), and Sanaz Partow of Donna Vita Libertà di Firenze will help us understand by discussing the evolution of their country and its women from the 1979 revolution to today.