‘Adopt a Tree’ in Florence

Anyone in the world can help Florence literally go green by adopting a tree that will find a new home in local parks, gardens, and along the city streets. The brand-new campaign has been just launched by the municipality the same week as the well-attended November 29 “Fridays for Future” in Piazza della Repubblica.  By accessing www.ambiente.comune.fi.it, one can adopt a tree in Florence—ranging from a linden, an oleander, an oak, a poplar, an ilex to fruit trees such as a pear or cherry tree or even the ubiquitous Tuscan olive tree—for a one-time cost of €150.  Each will display just the first name of the donor—who also selects where it will be planted—or a person to whom it is dedicated, on a plaque.  This will also contain a QR Code with a short message no longer than the length of a tweet: 280 characters, which can be read on a cell phone.

During the final days of November, 70 trees of the 400 presently available have already been reserved by participants who have decided, so far, to adopt a maple, an English oak, a sycamore or a willow tree.  Florence mayor Dario Nardella was one of the first to do so, naming the tree chosen for his wife.  He is not the only one who has reserved a tree for a loved one; others have also done so as a gift from or in memory of someone dear.  The program is open to all, from residents to tourists, who find the notion of planting a tree for posterity a romantic or practical gift to Florence.

The initiative was created by Cecilia De Re, city councilwoman for the environment, who said, “the €150 contribution will be used to purchase and transport each tree, which city employees will continue to tend.”  The long-term goal is to acquire 15,000 trees for Florence over the next five years to combat smog and decrease the level of CO2 in the air, in tune with the aims of “Fridays for Future.”  (rosanna cirigliano)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.