An Evening of Gregorian Chant in Santa Croce

The beautiful and historic basilica of Santa Croce is hosting an evening dedicated to Gregorian chant on Saturday, February 25 starting at 7 pm. The concert is free to all until places are filled.

Stars of the performance are the Viri Galilaei Chorus conducted by maestro Enzo Ventroni.

The Viri Galilaei Chorus is a musical group dedicated to the study of Gregorian chant. Having mainly performed solely in Florence, the chorus attempts to maintain the interest for this type of ancient Christian a cappella music in the city. The group put on their first concert in the 90s and has since gone on to do several hundred more over the years.

Taking place in the Refectory of Santa Croce, visitors will be admire the the imposing Last Supper fresco by Giorgio Vasari in the concert hall. Taddeo Gaddi’s Cruxifixion, appropriately appears as a “tree of life” with Christ at the centre of the wooden cross. Artfully depicted messages branching out from the core, weave all the way to prophets who receive tidings of salvation.

With Santa Croce not usually being open for free to the public, take the opportunity to see impressive artworks up close and listen to unaccompanied sacred song to enjoy a pleasant evening out. (karen gee)