Enjoy Free Concerts in Casa Buonarroti



Buonarotti Concerts

July 4, 15, & 23: WORDS AND MUSIC: SUMMER EVENINGS IN CASA BUONARROTI. Casa Buonarroti, Via Ghibellina, 70. 9 pm. Free admission.

Music is capable of speaking without words, much like art. It only makes sense that a series of concerts named Words and Music will be held in the courtyard of a famed artist’s family home. The series will take place in Casa Buonarroti, purchased by Michelangelo.

For the 28th edition, the concerts will be held outdoors in the courtyard of the house. This year’s series is dedicated to its founder and Casa Buonarroti director, Pina Ragionieri, who passed away in January 2019.

On July 4 at 9 pm, a string quartet will perform two pieces: “Quartet in D Minor” by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis; and “Quartet in A Minor” by Guido Alberto Fano. Both composers write their pieces without names, using just keys and speed, with the occasional emotion. They prefer to focus more on the sound of their music — the harmony, the technique, the composition — than on anything else.

A piano recital on July 15 at 9 pm will feature an amalgam of classical pieces, with a set list featuring such composers as Haydn, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Dukas, Gershwin, Kurtag, and many others. Gregorio Nardi (pictured above) will perform these pieces on piano in what will surely be a lengthy night full of beautiful music. 

A string quintet will perform three classical compositions on July 23 at 9 pm, each from a different composer. First is “Allegro in C Major” by Gaetano Donizetti, who is better known for his one-act and comedic operas. The next piece, Ralph Vaughan Williams’ “Phantasy Quintet,” is best described as quirky, featuring an uncommon 7/4 time signature and several haunting solos — particularly for the cello, the composer’s favorite instrument. Finally, Felix Mendelssohn’s “String Quintet n.2 in B Flat Major, op. 87” is a complicated but nostalgic piece, reminiscent of his earlier works with new developments in contrapuntal activity (when two melodies or more are played at the same time) and an increase in semiquavers (sixteenth notes).

The concerts are free but spaces are reserved. The phone number to make a reservation is 055241752, open any day save for Tuesday, from 10 am to 5 pm. (katy rose sparks)