‘Calcio Storico’ Historical Reenactment: Men, Mud & Muscle


Fri. 17: CALCIO STORICO HISTORICAL GAME REENACTMENT. Piazza Santa Croce. Historical parade, 2 pm, match at 3  pm. Free admission.

Florence will once again commemorate the historic February 17, 1530 Calcio Storico (a mixture of soccer  and rugby) match played in defiance of the siege posed by Charles V of Spain with a reenactment featuring the “Vecchie Glorie” in the same venue. The game, offering a spectacle of men, mud, and muscle, is reminiscent of a time in which the city of Florence chose to come together and unite amongst the chaos and attack, a tribute to the perseverance of the Florentine people. 

The “Vecchie Glorie” is comprised of retired Calcio Storico team members from four downtown Florentine neighborhoods. Every February, the 27 retired players participate in the Piazza Santa Croce match, competing for honor, pride, and dinner on the house at the end. Volunteer from ANT (National Cancer Association), a non-profit that provides home care to cancer patients will be present to receive donations from the spectators.