Cirk Fantastik Circus: Entertainment for All Ages

September 14-24: Cirk Fantastik. International Contemporary Circus Festival.

Parco delle Cascine, Viale degli Olmi/Piazzale del Re. Daily from 3 pm – 1 am.

The Parco delle Cascine would like to welcome families to the 12th edition of Cirk Fantastik: the International Contemporary Circus Festival, which is returning after an 11th successful edition. Two tents will be the location for many circus acts, with over 60 performances interpreted by contemporary national and international companies, featuring acrobats, clowns, singers, dancers and musicians but no animals. Cirk Fantastik will most certainly provide continuous entertainment.

Every hour there will be a different show, with the companies alternating the use of the two tents. The performances will use solely body language and mime, making it accessible for all ages and nationalities. Admission for adults for one show is €15, children from the age of 3-12 €6 per show (children below the age of 3 may enter for free).

There will also be, however, free events available to everyone throughout the day: circus schools from Florence will be creating their own stages outside of the tents and exciting workshops will be available to keep the kids entertained for the whole day. At the same time, there will be live music available for those who would like to relax outdoors, away from the magical circus world. The Cascine Park also offers lots of free green space to play games.

A September 14 highlight:

The festival will open with a free event, Pindarico, starting at 6:30 pm: watch a pilot starts to remember his childhood adventures. Discover a world full of mystery and extraordinary creatures, including dinosaurs and unicorns. This enchanting story will leave the audience wondering if they are experiencing the protagonist’s real memories or if it’s all just a fairytale.

The first paid performance Baraka con Baraka will begin at 8:30 pm and will invite the audience to confront the theme of ‘diversity.’ The main theatrical prop, a brick wall, is meant to be symbolic of the barriers that that we face when in contact with a new or diverse culture. This timeless and poetic piece is full of humour.

 Some other performances available are:

September 16:

Gemelli Inversi: Follow the story of Rodrigo and Stefano, two cynical yet sweet clowns, who could not be more different and are spending a lot of time together. The act is deemed by critics as ‘hilariously funny.’ (4 pm)

September 22:

Piti Peta Hofen Show: 3 jugglers and 30 minutes full of humour, drama and theatrical techniques never seen before. Set in abstract world where foolishness rules and juggling is the main form of communication. (17:30 pm)

To see the full series of events and for any other enquiries head to (karen gee)