City Steps Up Security for Florence Shops


The window of Ti Stuzzico immediately after the night robbery

With thieves continuing to smash shop windows at night to facilitate break-ins and thefts, Dario Nardella, the mayor of Florence, announced that another €400,000 will be available to street and shop associations in order to hire armed security guards during later hours as part of a six-month experimental project. The Christmas shopping period is fast approaching, and stores do not want to take the risk of an increase in thefts. 

A pastry shop on via Scialoia, a pizzeria and cocktail bar on viale Amendola in addition to the pizza and sandwich shop Ti Stuzzico on Borgo degli Albizi in downtown Florence woke up to find their windows damaged before dawn.  While all are assessing consequences of the break-ins, the management of Ti Stuzzico immediately reported that the cash machine was carried off.

Other recent night crimes was at least partially remedied by the police response to some of the incidents. A patrol squad caught the two criminals after a man had used a stone to break into a bar while a woman was the lookout.  A 30-year-old Italian man was arrested for aggravated theft after he stuffed a bag with over €200’s worth of alcohol. A security guard who noticed this thievery reported it to the police in accordance with the “Mille occhi sulla città” protocol, or the “A Thousand Eyes on the City” protocol, a protocol by the Ministry of the Interior and a variety of institutes wherein the institutes must collaborate with the ministry to report incidents that will supposedly jeopardize public safety in order to prevent environmental and social degradation, whether it be the collapse of a road or the thievery of a criminal. At some other point that night, a 41 year old, a 22 year old and a 23 year old smashed the window of a store and stole tools and electronics. The charge filed against these three would be aggravated burglary.

This €400,000 contribution will cover up to 85% of the total cost of expenses. The mayor expresses how even the supplementation of police work is not enough, and that more must be done to protect the territory, even if the Municipality does not have the police at their disposal. President of Confesercenti Florence (an association of shop owners), Santino Cannamela, expressed gratitude for the mayor’s initiative. (Daniel J. Capobianco)