Concerts by a Gregorian Chant & a Children’s Choir

The Viri Galilaei choir

The beautiful and historic basilica of Santa Croce is hosting an evening dedicated to Gregorian chant on Friday, May 3 starting at 8:30 pm with free admission.

The concert will showcase the singing of the men and women of the Viri Galilaei chorus conducted by maestro Enzo Ventroni.

The Viri Galilaei Chorus is a musical group dedicated to the study of Gregorian chant. Having mainly performed solely in Florence, the choir carries forward this type of ancient Christian a cappella music in the city.

On Wednesday, May 8, St. Mark’s English Church (via Maggio 16) will host a performance by the children’s choir of St. Michael’s Prep School in Kent at 5 pm.  The program will offer a varied repertoire including sacred, Classical and modern popular works.  Free entry.  Prior to coming to Florence, the group has appeared on stage in Venice, Vienna, Salzburg and Milan.