‘Contemporaneamente’ Holiday Street Festival

The eighth edition of the Contemporaneamente festival will take place from Saturday, Dec. 1, through Monday, Dec. 24, in Via Maggio and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Via Maggio Association has organized the event to celebrate the holidays in their community with the OmA-Osservatorio Mestieri d’Arte, the Istituto dei Bardi Foundation, and with collaboration of CNA Firenze and Confartigianato imprese Firenze.

The fair was started to highlight the artisans, designers and the contemporary culture of Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood. The event will showcase antique and contemporary art galleries, areas dedicated to traditional art crafts and workshops, workshops for both children and adults, music, tastings, and presentations.   

Program highlights according to neighborhood

Via Maggio

To kick off the fair, The Suzuky Ensemble of Florence will perform on Dec. 1, at 3:30 pm at the Saint Mark’s English Church. The concert is in collaboration with the Strings City festival happening in Florence. Entrance will be free until seats fill up.  

Paolo Staccioli’s “Fiasche d’autore” UNICEF exhibition will begin on Dec. 1, and go until Dec. 24, in the Turchi Gallery in the Palazzo di Bianca Cappello (via Maggio 14/r). Works by the contemporary ceramic artist will be inaugurated at 5 pm on Dec. 1.

An Opera Flash Mob will gather and perform at 6:30 pm, on Dec. 1 in front of the Saint Mark’s English Church (via Maggio 16).

The St. Mark’s English Church has also organized caroling around the Oltrarno neighborhood on Dec. 18, at 6 pm.

Throughout the festival, roasted chestnut tastings will be offered by the Strada del Marrone Association of the Mugello at the Palazzo Ridolfi, via Maggio 46.

Via dei Vellutini

A photo retrospective of the 2012 Zhang Huan in Florence exhibition at Forte Belvedere will be inaugurated on Dec. 1, at 6 pm, at the Tethys Gallery (via Vellutini 17/r) includes behind the scenes perspective as well as the drawings by the contemporary Chinese artist.  The show has been curated by Olivia Turchi and features photographs by Guido Cozzi. The exhibition remains open from 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6:30 pm through Dec. 5.  

Piazza San Felice

The Elizabeth Barrett Browning Historical Home (piazza San Felice 8) will host a talk and reading on the life of the poet seen in a contemporary light on December 7 at 6 pm.  The public is welcome but a reservation for the event is required at info.casaguidi@fastwebnet.it or by sending a text message to 347 69 685 28.  The Victorian poet lived in Florence with her husband, Robert Browning, from 1846 up to her death in 1861.

Via dei Michelozzi

The Instituto dei Bardi (via Michelozzi 2) will host various events during the fair. A perfume and natural essence workshop directed by Beatrice Bernocchi will be held on Dec. 1, from 3 to 6 pm. Stefania Rizzo has organized a Christmas card decorating session on Dec. 2, from 3 to 5 pm. There will be a workshop to create crocheted Christmas wreaths on Dec. 8, from 3 to 7 pm.

Via dell’Ardiglione

Christmas workshops, music, and readings will be provided for kids from Dec. 10 to Dec. 20, in the Giardino dei Nidiaci (via dell’Ardiglione 30/A) a small public park designed as a children’s playground.

For the complete list of events and more information, the web site. (beatrice paolucci)