Coronavirus March 20 Florence Update

Here is the March 20 Coronavirus Florence update: a 33-year-old Florentine man, stopped by the police who wanted to know why he was out of the house and sitting in a car that was double-parked during this period of Coronavirus restrictions, simply handed the agents a signed self declaration that he needed to “buy drugs to support his habit.”

Not content with that, he added, “I am in need, so I am looking for a pusher.”  He was taken into custody and charges pressed because he was in a public space not for valid reasons: work, shopping or going to the pharmacy, as permitted by the current national decree.  The incident took place on via Cento Stelle, not far from the Florence stadium, and the culprit will receive a hefty fine.

Another restriction was just issued by the national government: no outdoor sports, physical exercise or activity is permitted except in the proximity of one’s home, at a distance of a least a meter (3 ft.) from another person.

In Tuscany, the March 20, 2020 statistics reveal that there are 311 new Coronavirus cases bringing the regional total up to 1,793, with 27 deaths (ages 65-100, many of whom were suffering from other illnesses) and 33 former patients who have recovered from the disease.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.