Covid-19 Vaccines & ‘Green Passes’ at the Local Pharmacy

The halfway mark has been reached: as of this week, more than half of Italy’s population over 12 have been fully vaccinated. According to official reports, the percentage of fully vaccinated individuals reached 60% on Sunday, August 1. Despite over 68 million doses being administered – 4 million of which were administered in Tuscany – many are still waiting for their second dosage. 

Fueled by the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, health officials decided to reimplement the “Green Pass” (certificazione verde) to improve vaccination efforts. A final decision regarding the “Green Pass” requirement was announced July 23 and will become effective August 6. Learn more about the updated “Green Pass” requirements on Magenta Florence.

The “Green Pass” decree extends the recent extension of Italy’s state of emergency from July 31 to December 31. Even though vaccinations are still being offered to those 12 years or older, progress has slowed, and COVID-19 cases are increasing due to the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant. 

It has been ascertained that  2/3 of all new COVID-19 cases in Tuscany are attributed to those not vaccinated. Officials hope the “Green Pass” decree will entice citizens to become vaccinated. With schools reopening soon, the government’s priority shifts to vaccinating children ages 12 to 19. According to Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo, the goal is to have 60% of the student body vaccinated by the first ten days of September. 

For local travelers, the new hours at the stand next to the Florence station offering free, rapid antigen tests –- to determine if one is currently infected with COVID-19 — are 8 am to 2 pm (instead of 8 pm) beginning August 1.  Red Cross volunteers are providing this service, which already available in other Italian train stations such as Roma Termini and Milano Centrale, at a stand in front of the Palazzina Reale.  No appointment is necessary.

To speed up vaccinations, the “last minute” booking option was reintroduced.  Depending on availability, those over 16 years will be able to sign up “last minute” to receive their first vaccination from 7 to 11:59 pm on the Region of Tuscany’s website.

For those over 60 who are not vaccinated, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also currently available either at the pharmacy or in the office of a family doctor. To receive the vaccine, individuals will need their health card (tessera sanitaria) and must fill out the form for Johnson & Johnson.  

Below is a list of Florentine pharmacies offering the COVID-19 vaccine and accepting requests to print a copy of the “Green Pass.” 

  • PUCCINI SRL – Piazza Giacomo Puccini 10/r, Florence

Telephone: 055 361112

  • TRAMONTI – Via il Prato, 43r, Florence

Telephone: 055 212226

  • FARMACIA DELLA STAZIONE – Via Panzani, 65, Florence

Telephone: 055 215188

  • REALE – Via del Proconsolo, 22r, Florence

Telephone: 055 2645014

  • DEL GALLUZZO SAS  – Via Senese, 206r, Florence

Telephone: 055 2049217


  • FARMACIA AFAM S.p.A. n.7 – Via dei Renai 9/r, Florence. Telephone: 055 2343892
  • FARMACIA AFAM S.p.A. n.10 – Viale Europa 191, Florence.  Telephone: 055 653140
  • FARMACIA DEL CARMINE SRL – Piazza Piattellina 7-8r, Florence.  Telephone: 055 211291
  • FARMACIA ALLA PORTA SAN FREDIANO SNC – Borgo San Frediano, 153-155 R, Florence

Telephone: 055 221641

  • ANTICA FARMACIA MORELLI SRL – Via Giampaolo Orsini, 27r, Florence

Telephone: 055 6812145

  • FARMACIA S. MARIA PERETOLA SRL – Via Pistoiese 11, Florence

Telephone: 055 317120


  • MODERNA SRL – Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 2r, Florence

Telephone: 055 579821

  • DEL MADONNONE SAS – Via Aretina, 9r, Florence

Telephone: 055 669417

For a full list of vaccination sites in Tuscany, visit the Region of Tuscany’s website.  (rachel pellegrino)