Digital Postcards from the Duomo

From reality to virtual to back to reality, the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore has made another untraditional move to prevent vandalism on the tops of Brunelleschi’s Duomo and Giotto’s Bell Tower. When the accumulation of graffiti at the tops of some of Florence’s most historical monuments were cleaned about a year and a half ago, a modern and stainless era of graffiti was introduced.  Read details on the project’s launch here.

A digital program called “Autography” encouraged those who still wanted to leave their mark on Florence to try out the digital graffiti.  Users were able to design their own message at stations throughout the Bell Tower and Duomo.

The next phase of the Autography project was announced on October 17 by the President of the Opera Luca Bagnoli.  Now users can print their digital designs on a card to be sent anywhere in the world. The service will cost € 2.50, shipping included, and will arrive at your destination within ten days.

All digital messages are saved on the Autography website, but this will give visitors a tangible version of the imprint they leave on the Duomo and Bell tower by taking it with them. According to Alice Filipponi, the social media manager of the Opera, the new step in the program was designed to enrich one’s experience both here and wherever they go after.

Since Autography’s inception in March 2016, over 28,000 digital messages were created by tourists. Rather than just using an access code to look at the memo online, visitors can now have a permanent reminder of their stay in Florence. (deanna carbone)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.