Expansion of Florence’s Tramway Network

A new stage of the expansion of Florence’s tramway system was announced earlier this week: Line 4 will connect the city of Florence to Campi Bisenzio. The 570 million euro project marks a new chapter in the growth of Florence’s tramway network.

Mayor Dario Nardella announced the status of the project’s bids. He did so alongside Stefano Giorgetti, councilor for local public transport, and Andrea Tagliaferri, mayor of Campi Bisenzio. Construction will begin in 2024 and is expected to end in 2026. The project is currently in a pre-operational stage, but more details about the construction will come soon.

Line 4 will carry thousands of residents and guests throughout the city. Funds will be divided between Line 4.1 Leopolda-Piagge, Line 4.2 Piagge-Campi Bisenzio and the road network. 

The city allocated 230 million euros for the construction of Line 4.1 and 283 million for Line 4.2. In addition to the new stops, 60 million will fund a parking lot near the Ponte all’Indiano bridge, the completion of 60 roads and three ancillary works. The road work will connect via Pistoiese to viale Fratelli Rosselli, which is designed to lighten traffic outbound on via Baracca. 

The two-year project is another phase of the development of Florence’s tramway network. The system has potential to unclog the city of large buses, enhance efficiency, optimize accessibility and promote environmentally friendly public transportation.  (Camila Fowler)