February 17 Bus Strike

A 24-hour bus strike has been called by the USB and the COBAS unions on Friday, February 17. Passengers expecting to use the buses are advised to plan for cancellations and delays.  Tram service will not be affected.

The buses of Autolinee Toscane are guaranteed to run for two time periods: one is from 4:15 am to 8:14 am, and the other is from 12:30 to 2:29 pm. Unlike other strikes where time slots differ by territory, for this strike, the guaranteed times are the same for all of Tuscany.

All employees are participating in the strike. For the times the buses are scheduled to be running, the drivers will be present. Other workers, such as staff at ticket offices, plan to be on strike their entire shift.

The USB private work union is going on strike to demand lower prices, block military spending, and advocate for change in contracts of services, safety, minimum wage, and the right to go on strike. The COBAS union called a strike to fight against temporary contracts, differences in wages, service outsourcing, systems not working, working conditions, and industrial relations.

To learn more about the strike, visit https://www.at-bus.it/it/sciopero-24-ore-venerdi-17-febbraio-due-fasce-garantite.  (Parker Hurley)