Ferragosto Week 2018 in Florence

The Giardino dell’Artecultura

A summer holiday that is the official break between Easter and Christmas, on Ferragosto (August 15), it is hard to find a museum, shop or restaurant open to the public.  The following is a guide to places that are accessible during the vacation week.


A number of city museums are open on Ferragosto: Forte Belvedere, venue of the Eliseo Mattiacci sculpture show (11 am – 8 pm); the Novecento museum of twentieth century Italian art (11 am – 8 pm); Palazzo Vecchio (9 am – 11 pm) and Santa Maria Novella (12 noon – 6:30 pm).

A number of Florence’s major state-run museums will be accessible as well on August 15:  see list here.


Free concerts will be take place on the space in front of the church of Santo Spirito, offered respectively by the Sine Tempo Gruppo Jazz on August 10 and the By Chance Group Jazz on August 11, as well as on August 17 and 18 (program to be announced), always beginning at 9 pm.


For those in Florence this August who are seeking for a place to sit down in a public park, enjoy a cool beverage and escape the current heat wave, the Giardino dell’Artecultura is the perfect spot.  Though it is formally known as the Giardino dell’Orticoltura, the garden’s status as a summer spot for artistic and cultural events has resulted in it earning the “Artecultura” (Art & Culture) nickname. Located on Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 4, cool breezes and shade provided by numerous trees make the space feel 10 degrees cooler than anywhere else in the city.

A special series of musical events performed live on a small stage in front of the patio will take place as part of the annual event “Tuttapposto a Ferragosto.”  The festival, which is running for the sixth consecutive year, will be held from August 10 to 18.  All of the festival’s performances will begin at 7 o’clock every night with free admission.  A diverse range of music artists will be featured. 

Concert Schedule

Friday, 10:  Pink Floyd Tribute Band

Saturday, 11:  Jazz, swing and bossa nova

Saturday, 12:  Jazz and blues

Monday, 13:  Hard bop and world jazz

Tuesday, 14:   Freddie Maguire & Sergio Montaleni interpret Joe Cocker and Prince

Monday, 15:  Jazz, swing and bossa nova

Thursday, 16:  The Last Minute Dirty Band will perform hits by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other groups

Friday, 17:  New Orleans jazz

​Saturday, 18:  Olivia Grace and the Florentines Project will play soul, jazz, blues, folk music and a touch of hip-hop


Open from 10 am to midnight, groups of teenagers sit on the lawn and talk, while other individuals lie sprawled under a tree engrossed in a book.  As this is a location where families frequent, children play throughout the garden as well. Every Thursday at 6 pm, an art workshop is offered for them at the “KinderGarten.”  Except for mid-August, yoga lessons are offered in the garden on Tuesday evenings from 9 – 10 pm.

Drinks can be ordered from the casual bar operating out of a brown wooden shack which provides service to a small seating area.  The menu includes pizza, salads, wraps, craft beer, fresh fruit and organic juices.  

In addition to enjoying a drink, guests can also listen to music performed live from a small stage directly in front of the patio.  The month’s program can be found on the website.


Riccardo Tesi and his Banditaliana will be giving their popular annual Ferragosto concert at San Salvi on August 15 (9:30 pm; admission €12, reservations recommended at info@chille.it).  (rosanna cirigliano)