‘Firenze dall’Alto’: Free Concerts & Guided Tours at Vantage Points

The view of Florence from the terrace of San Niccolò tower

Sept. 2 – 26: FIRENZE DALL’ALTO FESTIVAL.  Various venues.

 Summer nights. Stunning spots. Spectacular experiences. The second edition of “Florence from Above” (“Firenze dall’Alto”) brings life to the rooftops and terraces of Florence.

The initiative is full of concerts, talks, performances and guided tours. The venture, which began in July, will conclude in September with the final four nights.

Events begin at 7 pm. Admission is free, but reservation is required. For more information, contact firenzedallalto1@gmail.com or check the Facebook page.

Music for the Soul

The September schedule begins Thursday, Sept. 2 at the Amphitheater of the Limonaia in Villa Strozzi. The night welcomes to the stage two of the most prominent Italian rap storytellers, Murubutu and Claver Gold. The performers will present their album “Infernvm,” an ode to Dante’s Inferno. Their rendition will utilize the characters of the Comedy to address contemporary issues such as drug addiction, bullying, prostitution and individualism.

The theme of music continues with the last concert of “Florence from Above” on Thursday, Sept. 9. The Terrace of Villa Bardini welcomes guitarist and producer Max Casacci to present his latest work “Earthphonia.” Sounds of cities, means of transport, cars, bicycles, stadiums, markets and nature will fill the air during Casacci’s live presentation. Following the performance, will be a short talk with writer, academic and collaborator of “Earthphonia” Stefano Mancuso. To end the night, Casacci and Mancuso will open the floor to audience questions.

Calling all History Lovers

The guided tours of “Florence from Above” will return Thursday, Sept. 16 on the Terrace of the Caffe’ del Verone. The restaurant, located above the “Istituto degli Innocenti,” was once a place used to dry linen. During the visit, visitors will be taken back to these ancient times with a story of the “Istituto degli Innocenti,” the first orphanage in Europe. The unique spot will provide an aerial point of view enhancing the story telling experience.

Moving from the Caffe’ del Verone to the terrace of the San Niccolò tower, history lovers will be transported to 14th century Florence. Visitors will reminisce on the times of fortification at the very heart of Oltrarno. The night of Thursday, Sept. 26 will be filled with tales of mystical sites of walls, gates and towers used to stop invaders from coming into the city. The visit to the ancient tower of Florence will bring an end to the second edition of “Florence from Above” (rachel pellegrino).

Events begin at 7 pm. For more information and reservations, contact turismo@archeologia.it or 055 5520407.