‘Firenze dall’Alto’ Offers a Walk Around the Arcetri Observatory


In its third round, Firenze dall’Alto makes its return and once again offers events with breathtaking views from different spots until September 22. Meaning “Florence from Above,” the festival provides concerts, talks, performances, and guided tours along with the best panoramic views of the city. All are free, but reservations are required for each event, which can be made by sending an email to turismo@archeologia.it by calling 055 5520407.

Throughout the festival, participants will have the opportunity to experience meetings at sunset that combine scenery and culture. In addition to the classic locations, new ones are added to the list including Hotel Machiavelli, the Palazzo della Borsa, and the Rose Garden. Among the guests are Umberto Galimberti, Rachele Bastreghi, Pierpaolo Capovilla, Ginevra Di Marco and Francesco Magnelli and La Nuova Pippolese.

Thursday, August 25: A Walk around the Arcetri Observatory

The guided tour of the Archeology Cooperative takes its visitors to the Colle di Arcetri and the terrace of the Astronomical Observatory, passing through a series of notable historical and artistic testimonies. The venue is surrounded by cypresses, wonderful views of the valley, the Arcetri Observatory, ancient towers, and farmhouses scattered on the hill. Events start at 7 p.m., for more info visit turismo@archeologia.it or call 055 5520407.  (elif aytemiz)