Florence Approves Travel Voucher System

The municipality has approved travel vouchers for individuals with certain medical conditions, health personnel, and school staff that can be allocated for discounted taxi, limousine and private transport service. Federico Gianassi, councilor of budget and economic activities, and Sara Funaro, councilor for welfare, worked together to approve this initiative that has received an allocation of 764,000 euros from the national government. 

Each eligible individual will be given a €100 travel voucher that can be used until June 2021 and cover up to 50 percent of the expenses as long as a single trip does not exceed €20. The Florence city website and the website 055055.it will soon be updated with a request form the public may fill out to receive their voucher. Those who are eligible for this program must be residents of Florence and fall under one of the following categories: people over 65, those with disabilities, pregnant women, health workers (pharmacists, doctors, nurses, etc.), school staff, and physically-challenged students. 

Gianassi explains that these vouchers will not only lessen the burden for those who are most vulnerable during the pandemic but also will support taxis, rental services, in addition to lowering the number of passengers on city buses and the tram during the health emergency––also a time that has made public transport potentially unsafe for those with health issues.  Funaro adds that the necessity to place our attention on supporting citizens that need aid in addition to students, and school, health personnel is greater than ever.  (elizabeth berry)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.