Florence Cardinal Betori Resigns


Cardinal Betori

Florence Cardinal Giuseppe Betori has just resigned from his position at age 75, but will continue to lead the archdiocese per Pope Francis’s request.

Betori made the announcement during the annual assembly of the clergy on June 16, adding that he obediently accepted the pope’s invitation to remain in his role and oversee the diocese ‘donec aliter provideatur,’ or until someone else is appointed.

Archdiocesan/diocesan bishops, including cardinals, are requested to submit their resignation to the pope upon reaching age 75, according to the Code of Canon Law.  

Betori was appointed as archbishop of Florence in 2008, and as cardinal in 2012. 

On Nov. 5, 2011, Betori survived an apparent assassination attempt, in which his secretary, Don Paolo Brogi, was shot and wounded. Betori was unharmed.

During the assembly, Betori expressed his dedication to the diocese and welcomed whoever his successor may be, at the same time denying rumors regarding conflict between the pope and Italian bishops.  (natasha sokoloff)