Florence Gift Ideas at Antica Erboristeria San Simone

Looking for the perfect gift is perhaps the most stressful choice to make during the Christmas season. Everyone has unique interests and tastes, so shopping to find something that suits every person in your life can be difficult.

Find a perfect gift for any family member at Antica Erboristeria San Simone Perfume and Herbalist Shop. The tradition of medicinal herbs began in the 1700 inside the Oblate Convent and has now transformed into a beautiful bottega of scents in Via Ghibellina 190, near the Bargello. The shop offers a variety of amazing gift ideas such as soaps, cosmetic products, air fresheners, teas, and even personalized perfumes. Favorite perfumes according to clients are the amber fragrances, which are warm, sweet, and inviting scents perfect for the fall and winter.

A variety of scents also reference back to Florence by being named for the city’s streets. Some favorites from this collection are Via della Ninna and Via Maggio which make a great sentimental gift and souvenir of Florence. Among the shops selections there is a scent for everyone, even fragrances for men. Antica Erboristeria even offers personalized perfumes.

Other great gifts ideas include items from Antica Erboristeria’s highly curated cosmetic line. These cosmetics were made with particular attention to detail and quality ingredients as to not cause any irritation.

There also is an exceptional selection of high-quality teas that makes a great gift for any tea lover.

Another gift idea is a workshop or perfume course for the more enthusiastic perfume lovers. The Antica Erboristeria workshop is dedicated to making a personalized fragrance, which the course shared advanced knowledge on the ancient art of perfume making.  (Michela Tambasco)