Florence May 22 Private Historic Home Openings

Grifoni Budini Gattai Palace

Sunday, 22: OPEN COURTYARDS & GARDENS (CORTILI E GIARDINI APERTI). Locations open from 10 am – 1 pm, 2:30 – 6 pm (unless otherwise stated). Free admission, reservation might be required depending on the venue.

Walking down the timeless Florentine streets, attention is often drawn to a majestic doorway, barred windows with a faint view of frescoed ceilings, and wisteria vines climbing the balconies of a private courtyard. All this and more, such as free concerts, will be available to the general public during the upcoming Open Courtyards and Gardens thanks to the efforts of the A.D.S.I. (Association of Historic Homes).

In a once-a-year opportunity, the history and beauty that draws tourists to Florence will be celebrated, allowing access to 19 historic homes, monumental parks, courtyards and wine cellars. The opportunity to embrace unique artistic heritage and architecture is vital to preservation of these historical sites, while admiring Florence’s considerable private cultural legacy.

Guided tours

Four guided tours of an itinerary comprising several venues will be offered on the day by Città Nascosta (€10; reservations required: contact 055 6802590, 055 6801680 or info@cittanascosta.it).

  1. San Francesco di Paola Garden, piazza San Francesco di Paola 3
  2. Ricasoli Firidolfi Palace (no reservation required), via Maggio 7
  3. Antinori di Brindisi Aldobrandini Palace (no reservation required), via dei Serragli 9
  4. Frescobaldi Palace (no reservation required), via Santo Spirito 11
  5. Antica Torre Terrace (Fiesole Music School concert, 11 pm), via Tornabuoni 1
  6. Bartolini Salimbeni Palace (no reservation required), piazza Santa Trinita 1
  7. Corsini Palace (no reservation required), lungarno Corsini 10
  8. Rucellai Palace (no reservation required), via della Vigna Nuova 18
  9. Antinori Palace, piazza Antinori 3
  10. Gondi Palace, via dei Gondi 2 & Piazza San Firenze 1
  11. Antellesi Garden (no reservation required), piazza Santa Croce 21
  12. Mello Foundation: Le Colonne Art Studio, borgo Pinti 24
  13. Leopardi Palace: Marcello Tommasi Art Studio, via della Pergola 57
  14. Ximenes Panciatichi Palace (Fiesole Music School concert, 3 pm), Borgo Pinti 68
  15. Grifoni Budini Gattai Palace (Fiesole Music School concert, 4 pm), piazza SS. Annunziata 1
  16. Niccolini Palace (Fiesole Music School concert, 12 noon, no reservation required), via dei Servi 15
  17. Pucci Palace, via de’ Pucci 4
  18. Ginori Palace (Fiesole Music School concert, 5 pm), via de’ Ginori 11
  19. Villa Tornabuoni Lemmi, via Taddeo Alderotti 56