Florence Tower & Fort Visits in August


The San Niccolò tower

Every summer, many of Florence’s towers, gates and fortresses reopen to visitors, offering a unique journey through time by displaying the city’s historical defense system. Access to the venues is available both for Florentines and non-Florentines to feel the enchantment of the landmarks accompanied by the scenic view of the city. Reservations are required for each visit, and can be made by calling 055/2768224 or by sending an email to info@musefirenze.it

Participation costs € 6 per person (except Forte Belvedere) and the payment is in cash.  Admission to grounds of the Forte Belvedere is free, with the cost of the guided tour € 2.50 for residents of Florence, € 5 for non-residents.  Entrance to Forte Belvedere’s exhibition space costs € 10 (€ 5 reduced).

Below is the August schedule.

The San Niccolò Tower

One of the best-preserved towers of Florence, retaining its original height, La Torre di San Niccolò will welcome visitors from 5 to 8 pm until August 31 and from September 1 to September 30 between 4 and 7 pm, daily every 30 minutes.  The guided tour includes an ascent with a sweeping view of the panorama of the city at the top, which is worth the 160-step climb.

Forte Belvedere

Known also as the Fortezza di San Giorgio, Forte Belvedere was designed and built by Bernardo Buontalenti between 1590 and 1595, commissioned by Grand Duke Ferdinando I de Medici. It is the second and largest fortress in Florence. Both Renaissance and military style elements can be found in the fort’s architecture.

Forte Belvedere offers the exhibition (with admission): “FOTOGRAFE!” which showcases female photographers throughout history up to the present day.

Torre della Zecca

Originally utilized as a mint to manufacture coins, Torre della Zecca was one of the city’s defense towers. Once surrounded by other homes and structures, the tower now stands isolated over the bank of the Arno.

Visits to the tower will be held every 30 minutes between 5 – 8 pm on August 20.

The Baluardo San Giorgio

Designed for the purpose of boosting the city’s defense system during the 1529-30 siege, the Baluardo San Giorgio is a trapezoidal-shaped enclosure, tucked away in an olive grove. The bulwark is located along the walls of Florence, near the Porta San Giorgio and still maintains its original dimensions today.

Visits will take place between 5 and 8 pm on August 27.   (elif aytemiz)