Florence’s 2024 ‘Corri La Vita’ Cancer Benefit Event

A scene from last year’s ‘Corri La Vita’

Sunday, Sept. 24:  CORRI LA VITA (Run for Life) walk and run. Start at Viale Lincoln, Cascine Park.  9:15 am.

Since its inception in 2003, CORRI LA VITA has been a remarkable non-competitive sports event dedicated to raising funds for projects focused on breast cancer treatment, with a specific focus on prevention, reducing waiting lists, and providing psychological support to affected women. The annual event has made a significant impact in the fight against breast cancer, with over 8 million euros collected and distributed over the past two decades. The event has brought together nearly 450,000 participants and provided vital assistance to over 500,000 women in need.

On Sunday, September 24, CORRI LA VITA returns with its XXI edition. The event will commence with the traditional departure from Viale Lincoln alle Cascine, and runners will cross the finish line at Ponte Vecchio. Participants can choose between two routes, each catering to different preferences and abilities. The first route covers approximately 11 kilometers (6.8 miles), designed for those who are eager to challenge themselves and showcase their running prowess. The second route spans 6 kilometers (3.7 miles), allowing participants to enjoy the sights and attractions along the itinerary at a more leisurely pace.

To be a part of this event, individuals are required to register on the official website www.corrilavita.it. A minimum donation of 10 euros can be made online or at designated physical locations, securing the participant’s place in the event. Each participant will receive a commemorative T-shirt signed by Ferragamo, which has become a highly sought-after item among supporters of the initiative. This year’s shirt, in the burgundy color, is a symbol of solidarity and support for breast cancer awareness.

In the spirit of community engagement, participants wearing the CORRI LA VITA 2023 shirt or presenting a donation receipt will have the opportunity to visit numerous cultural destinations throughout the city free of charge in the afternoon. Museums and exhibitions will open their doors to participants, providing a rewarding experience beyond the race itself.

Additionally, a special recognition will be bestowed upon the three largest groups donning the 2023 shirt. Companies, sports clubs and gyms, associations, universities, and schools are encouraged to rally their members and join forces in supporting the cause.

The following venues can be visited free of charge on Sept. 24 for those who are wearing this year’s Corri La Vita T-shirt.

Capponi Historical Home, Lungarno Soderini 15 (open 9:15 am – 1 pm).

Palazzo Capponi (also headquarters of the Italian Red Cross), Borgo San Frediano 12  (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Church of Santa Monaca, Via Santa Monaca 6 (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Salvatore Romano Foundation of Medieval Sculpture and Artifacts, piazza Santo Spirito, 29  (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Palazzo Franceschi Salvadori EX Dragomanni, Via Guicciardini 13  (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Horne Museum, Via dei Benci 6 (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Malenchini Garden, Via de’ Benci, 1 (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Società Canottieri di Firenze (Florence Boat Club), Lungarno Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici 8.  (9:15 am – 6 pm); ride on a Dragon Boat can be reserved by calling 353 4592534.

Multimedia show Inside Banksy, Piazza di Santo Stefano 5. (10 am – 8 pm, last entrance at 7 pm).

Palazzo Viviani della Robbia, Via Tornabuoni, 15 (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, Piazza Santa Trinita 1 (9:15 am – 1 pm).

Palazzo delle Poste e Telegrafi, Via Pellicceria, 3 (9:15 am – 1 pm).

The XXI edition of CORRI LA VITA promises to be both memorable and meaningful, uniting participants in the common goal of supporting breast cancer treatment and raising awareness. For more information and registration visit http://www.corrilavita.it/

(jonah foster)